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Give the Gift of Hearing

The holidays are a perfect time to give to those in need.  Check out what Central ENT and Central Audiology are doing this holiday season...



Give the Gift of Hearing

December 1st to December 31st


As the holiday season approaches, we give thanks for our family, friends, and our health.  In the spirit of giving, Central Audiology Center is offering several ways in which YOU can GIVE THE GIFT OF HEARING...

  • If you have older hearing devices that are not being used, we invite you to bring them into one of our locations to be donated to the local Lion's Club.  The devices will then be fit on someone in the area who cannot afford to purchase devices of their own.
  • If your current hearing devices are older and you are interested in updating them, we will be happy to offer you a "trade-in" for newer technology and donate your "trade-in" to the local Lion's Club.  As a thank you for your generous donation, we are pleased to offer you a discount on updated technology.
  • Please bring in your friends and family with hearing devices and we will be happy to offer a free check and cleaning of their hearing devices.

This is our way of saying thank you to our patients and the community for your trust and loyalty to our practice.  Have a wonderful Holiday Season!