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Hearing Loss Treatments

Hearing loss does not always begin obviously. If you feel as though those around you are mumbling, have trouble hearing phone hearing lossconversations, or even just have trouble hearing others in crowded places, you could suffer from hearing loss. But what can you do about your hearing loss? Find out more about hearing loss and its treatments with Dr. Kirby Scott and Dr. Michelle Garrett at Central ENT Consultants with locations in Hagerstown and Frederick, MD.

Do I have hearing loss? 
Suffering from hearing loss may be very subtle in the beginning. You may not even notice the earliest symptoms of hearing loss, though recognizing these symptoms early can help you work with your doctor to treat and even prevent hearing loss. The most common early signs of hearing loss include:

  • often feeling as though those around you are mumbling
  • others telling you the television or radio is loud, but you feel it is at a normal volume
  • you find yourself asking others to repeat themselves often
  • it is especially difficult to hear others in a crowded or noisy environment, like a restaurant
  • you find yourself needing to concentrate especially hard on conversations
  • talking on the telephone is especially difficult or frustrating

Diagnosing Hearing Loss 
If you think you may suffer from hearing loss, your doctor will probably suggest a hearing test. This test involves wearing a pair of headphones and listening for noises played at different frequencies. You will indicate in which ear you hear the noise. The test helps your doctor determine the extent and severity of your hearing loss.

Hearing Loss Treatments in Hagerstown and Frederick, MD
If you think you are suffering from hearing loss, you should consult with your ear, nose, and throat doctor to diagnose your condition and talk about treatment plans. The most common treatment for hearing loss is a hearing aid, which amplifies outside noises and plays them into the ear. Hearing aids come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose the best style for your lifestyle and preference.

For more information on hearing loss or its treatments, please contact Dr. Kirby Scott and Dr. Michelle Garrett at Central ENT Consultants with locations in Hagerstown and Frederick, MD. Call (301) 739-0400 to schedule your appointment in Hagerstown, MD and (301) 694-9111 to schedule your appointment in Frederick, MD today!