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Propel Implants Keep Sinuses Clear

Effectively combat chronic sinusitis inflammation with this revolutionary new technique.

Did you know that chronic sinusitis is not as uncommon as you might think? Approximately 31 million Americans suffer from the Sinuplastyeffects of chronic sinusitis every year. Chronic sinusitis cause the linings within the cavities to become inflamed, prevent normal drainage from occurs. This leads to obstruction and persistent nasal infections. Those with chronic sinusitis typically suffer from severe facial pain, problems breathing, nasal discharge, lack of smell or taste, malaise, and congestion. If your Hagerstown ENT at Central ENT Consultants has diagnosed you with chronic sinusitis, then find out how PROPEL® implants could help.

Common Chronic Sinusitis Treatments

Typically, chronic sinusitis sufferers have had to go through multiple surgical and medical treatments to find even some relief from their symptoms. While some patients do respond to medications alone, there are those who require ethmoid sinus surgery. The purpose of the surgery is to unblock the inflamed tissue and allow normal drainage from the sinuses.

While sinus surgery can be effective, many patients still suffer from symptoms within the first year, and others require another surgery later to stop persistent obstructions.

PROPEL® Implants

After surgery, your ENT's main goal is to prevent the sinuses from becoming inflamed and obstructing the passageway again. In the past, this required the patient to come in for routine exams, and often take oral steroids to keep inflammation down.

However, the ENTs at Central ENT Consultants are happy to offer PROPEL® implants, which are dissolvable, steroid-releasing implants. They dispense the proper amount of steroids right into the sinus tissue, reducing inflammation and preventing obstructions after surgery.

These implants are placed inside the sinuses immediately following surgery, and help to reduce the number of sinus surgeries required. The implant offers a spring-like quality that keeps the sinuses open, while also directing steroids into the lining. And because the implant is dissolvable, it won’t need to be removed!

If you are looking for relief from your chronic sinus problems, then it’s time discuss PROPEL® Implants with the qualified ENT specialists at Central ENT Consultants in Hagerstown.