• The Gift of Hearing
    Central ENT Consultants, PC and our audiology staff at Central Audiology Center, LLC hope you had a very merry holiday season!  In the month of December we collected used hearing Read more
  • Give the Gift of Hearing
    The holidays are a perfect time to give to those in need.  Check out what Central ENT and Central Audiology are doing this holiday season...     Give the Gift of Hearing December 1st Read more
  • Sleep Apnea Treatment for Hagerstown patients
    Sleep Better Tonight in Hagerstown with Sleep Apnea Treatments   If you or your partner snores, or if you have ever woken up exhausted from the night before, you may suffer from Read more
  • New Nasa Procedure Helps Chronic Sinus Patients
    Central ENT Consultants, PC was in the local news...AGAIN!   You can check out all the details here: New Nasal Procedure Read more
  • Special
    Do people seem to mumble or speak in a softer voice than they use to? Do you sometimes miss key words in a sentence, or frequently need to ask people to Read more
  • 2013 Oticon Bootcamp
    A few weeks ago, our Doctor of Audiology Michelle Garrett and our Student Extern Deirdre Courtney had the pleasure of attending Oticon's 2013 Bootcamp.    As always we are working hard to Read more
  • Out and About
    Recently, Central ENT Consultant's Dr. Kirby Scott, our Audiologist Dr. Michelle Garrett, and our Office Manager April Evans have been out and about!  We attended the Annual Oticon Conference a Read more
  • 2013 Senior and Caregiver Expo
    Join us at the 2013 Senior and Caregiver Expo on May 16, 2013 from 8:30 am - 2:00 pm.  We'll be at the Hager Hall Conference Center on the Dual Read more
  • Putting the Needs of People First
    Putting the Needs of People First Dr. Michelle Garrett and Dr. Kirby Scott of Central ENT/Central Audiology Attends conference on Patient-Centered Care Dr. Michelle Garrett of Central ENT/Central Audiology in Hagerstown, MD, Read more
  • Good Luck Dr. Nyguen
    For the past two weeks Central ENT Consultants, PC had the great pleasure of working with the soon to be Dr. Terry Nyguen for his internship.  We loved having him around Read more
  • Central Audiology Center LLC
    Coming soon to a Suite near Central ENT Consultants... The Central Audiology Center LLC right across the hall! The Central Audiology Center LLC is directly associated with Central ENT Consultants allowing you Read more
  • Bone Anchored Hearing Aids
    Central ENT Consultants, PC was in the news! On February 25, 2013, Central ENT Consultant's own Dr. Kirby Scott was featured in the Herald Mail Newspaper for an article about bone anchored Read more
  • The Runny Nose
    The Runny Nose: A guide for the upcoming winter months   Today's post is written by Dr. Kirby Scott, an otolaryngologist and head and neck surgeon with Central ENT Consultants, located at Read more
  • Welcome to Our Blog
    Whether you are an existing patient or are searching for an otolaryngologist in the Hagerstown, MD area, we're excited you are here. With the medical industry advancing, we recognize the importance of keeping Read more